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"Pandora's Butterfly" - Amiad Center

Starting July 15 2010, a Group Art Exhibition is being held at the Amiad  center in Jaffa. The exhibition curators are Freddie Fabian and Esther Shlomo Fabian. Organizing - Orit Kimmel. The exhibition will continue until the end of August 2010.

Amiad center is at 12 Amiad street, Jaffa, at the heart of the Flea Market.

Out Sourcing


From the exhibition - "Waiting for the Butterfly" - Acrylic on canvas 115X145 cm.

Out Sourcing

From the exhibition - "Dawn" - Acrylic on canvas 250X150 cm.

Details about the participating artists and the exhibition: http://artexpo.co.il/butterfly

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